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About Us

A tactical team for your strategic mission

On Target is an elite network of subject matter experts with the training, experience, and domain knowledge to solve the toughest engineering problems. Our engineers have from 5 to 40 years of technical experience in the most critical and demanding industry domains. We solve engineering challenges in safety-critical industries, such as: aerospace, automotive, rail, marine, medical, power, military, and unmanned systems.

When you select On Target for a project, we assemble the perfect team to accomplish the mission. Should the project need electrical, mechanical, software, modeling, management, or other critical skill sets, we have the right people at the ready. We build the team, execute the project, and deliver your success. We support you from start to finish, whether for short-term projects or long-term partnerships.

Vince Socci leads our engineering team.  He provides business and technical support for customers, and directs our engineering teams. With 30 years of award-winning leadership in high-reliability and high-profile engineering programs, he brings experience in aerospace, automotive, rail, power electronics, and medical systems. He has engineered systems in the most complex applications. His specialized areas of interest are embedded controls, real-time test, and systems engineering for vehicle-based applications. He led international teams on multi-million dollar projects where failure was not an option. Learn more about Vince Socci at:

Our engineering experts work together to deliver products, projects, and services. Our team scales with your project needs. For small consulting projects, we can provide a dedicated subject matter expert.  For larger-scoped projects, we assemble a right-sized team of the proper skills and expertise to deliver value efficiently. We can:

  • Serve as a long-term services partner delivering engineered projects and products

  • Operate in expeditious engineering problem-solving missions - get in, get done, get out

  • Remain ready as on-call specialists to support a critical role when needed. 

Whether you need short-term consulting, outsourced development, or long-term support, we have deployment strategies that can adapt to your business needs and provide the technical acumen to succeed.

On Target is a certified veteran-owned small business.

Train Station

Engineering Services Overview Brochure

Dig right into the value that On Target Motion can provide your engineering and leadership teams. From business strategy, to systems engineering, to program turnaround, we will help you hit your targets.

Overview of On Target Motion

Brochure of Engineering Services

Dig into the value that On Target Motion can provide to your engineering and leadership teams. From business leadership to systems engineering to program turnaround, we will help you hit your targets.

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