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On Target Project Examples

Mission accomplished - We hit our targets and achieve success for our customers

UAV Flight Control System

Developed flight control system electronics for unmanned aerial vehicle. The application used six surface interdependent actuator control with quad-redundant electronics and control software. DSP and FPGA processing platforms controlled IGBT-based motor drives.

UAV FC.jpg

Aircraft communication and data management system

Developed a network controller to pull data from a system of remote electronic units and perform data integrity and voting. The controller managed commands from the master controller and distributed filtered data from REUs to master controllers.

aircraft network.jpg

Aircraft actuator control system

Developed uP/DSP application control electronics and FPGA motor control electronics to drive an integrated actuator control system. The application was certified to DO-178 and DO-254 Level A fault-tolerant safety-critical standards and qualified for high altitude flight operation.

Circuit Board

UAS Engineer School

On Target’s UAS Engineer School trained civilian and military teams on UAS technology, design, integration, and deployment.  Hands-on projects allow participants to develop a UAV from scratch, integrate ground controls, and fly missions.  Operator training provides hands-on and knowledge-based training to enable FAA remote pilot licensing.

Multicopter Drone

Aircraft Propulsion System

Turned around engineering program to achieve first flight. Led international team of hardware, software, systems engineers, production support, executive leadership to develop and deliver the fuel quantity management system for a major global transport aircraft.

Large Transport.jpg

eVTOL UAM Integration

With this project, On Target consulted with eVTOL designers to develop validation, certification, and integration plans to enable them to commercialize their aircraft for civil flight operations in UAM applications. These plans were important components of the business plans and roadmap for advanced investment rounds.


Aircraft Landing Gear Actuation System

Coordinated safety-critical system architecture, design, analysis and certification of a DO178/DO254 Level A redundant landing gear control and actuation system, including reliability analyses and fault mitigation.

landing gear.jpg

Mobile radar power and communication system

Military vehicle power systems engineering for pulsed-power radar platforms used for C3ISR, electronic counter measures design, threat detection, air/ground secure high-speed communications network. Designs included UPS, IMU, high-efficiency conversion, power scavenging.


Guidance and navigation system

Developed GPS-guided autonomous cargo delivery system for military air drops. Used IMU sensing and swarm flight planning with coordinated actuators. Designed wireless communication system for driverless vehicle platforms with backup ground-based command and control.


Motion detector and simulator

Developed a system to monitor, analyze and simulate projectile response based on initial launch conditions and projectile/environment characteristics. This system was used to evaluate countermeasure technologies efficiently without requiring expensive mechanical deployments.


Electric Vehicle Powertrain Validation

Developed a MIL/HIL platform for EV system test. Battery, inverter, motor, charger, and other power electronics were included as models, emulated devices, and real hardware. Validated full model to full hardware in the loop validation, with the ability to swap out various component configurations.

EV Powertrain HIL.jpg

Electric vehicle energy harvester and management system

Created mobile system to harvest energy from an electric vehicle and use it to power subsystem components. Power generation, conversion, distribution, load control, and energy management were included.

energy harvester.jpg

Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Platform

Developed test systems to perform engineering MIL/SIL/HIL testing across the development cycle. These environments include manual, automated, and remote testing in open-loop and closed-loop mode using interchangeable models and system components.

Image by Ildefonso Polo

Autonomous Ground Surveillance Vehicle

Surveillance of secure properties is critical for safety and success. Manned operations is expensive and time-consuming.  An autonomous vehicle was designed to monitor the grounds, with camera and infrared sensors to detect intruders, and diverse routing to mitigate defeat mechanisms.


Electrified Propulsion System Simulation

Created system models and performance simulations of electric powertrains, including batteries, inverters, motors, vehicle systems, and environmental conditions. Evaluated various component architectures to ensure operation over functional requirements. Demonstrated normal-range and robust performance against safety-critical standards.


Model-based Product Validation

A client developing complex vehicle actuation systems needed to understand how each component may influence other system components, especially when it comes to electrical impacts such as power demands, inrush current, harmonics, thermal efficiency, and power factor. On Target developed evolving models (architectural, functional, behavioral) to enable the client to proactively assess system quality and performance throughout development

Image by Kumpan Electric

Power Quality Performance Improvement

Power performance is important in an EV powertrain.  Efficiency drives range and quality enables durability. This project analyzed power quality and optimized control for the maximum efficiency and durability. We minimized harmonics and provided dampening algorithms to reduce torque ripple.


Pulsed-power medical systems

Developed a magnetic resonance imaging power system for a leading-edge medical research company. We designed and delivered the power management, charge storage, frequency-modulation, switching, pulsed discharge, and energy recovery in a safe and reliable engineered system. Providing high voltage and current, with accurate pulse timing, enabled high resolution imaging.


Medical and biomechatronics applications

Principal investigator for various advanced technology medical/biomechatronics applications and products (through TRL 9), including: tonometer, MRI power control system, ultrasonic imaging, AFib detection, x-ray controller, vibromyography muscle monitor, respiratory therapy vest, circulation actuator.


ECG Analyzer

An embedded control system was developed to sense the electrocardiogram signals, apply signal processing to determine important heartbeat characteristics. The system uses artificial intelligence to evaluate the ECG to detect arrhythmias and other diagnostic concerns.


Power system management product line

Suite of aircraft power management controllers, drivers, and utilities, including: vehicle power conversion and distribution system, power and drive train model toolset for simulation and performance evaluation, power control processor, avionics electrical system model blockset, high voltage systems with pulsed power and high-amp solid state switching.

power Sys.jpg

Engineering continuous improvement analysis

Engineering consulting services, deploying new product development and introduction processes, root cause and corrective action analyses, product improvement focus studies, turnaround program management and recovery, and technology business development.


Explosive detection system

Supported the control hardware and software development of a computed tomography (CT) scanner to accurately detect threats. The system was verified to have low false alarm rates and high accuracy of current and emerging threats. The system is deployed today to inspect luggage at major airports.


Production Cost Reduction

Consulting project to analyze and reduce cost of goods sold for an electronics manufacturer. The project successfully reduced: inventory through multi-supplier agreements; material cost using demand planning and design-for-cost; touch labor through batching and lean manufacturing; and program labor through scope-based manpower planning and root-cause and corrective action management.

COGS graph3.png

Battery Emulator

Delivered a battery emulator to support product qualification. The power supply engine manages the bidirectional power supplies. The control engine manages battery emulation, system models, DAQ and controls. The operator software provides user interfaces, configuration, and automation, with remote monitoring and control. The custom test system was delivered on time and under budget.

Battery Emulator SW Data.png
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